Gabe Belmont AKA 8


Hey chums, its me 8. The powers that be; the Oracles… you know them old farts upstairs that sit in the counsel chambers all day with their thumbs up their asses… don’t tell them I said that… they wanted me to bring you up to speed on the 411. So here goes.

Mind if I smoke… got this great herb from one of the Cultists. They have a hydroponics lab set up in the dungeons. Heat lamps and foil covered walls. But keep that on the DL if Father Gregory and his Celestial Choir gang know about it they will hold a small inquisition to root it out and stop the fun. Yeah thats right… with all the various Traditions here at horizon not all of them get along, and there are political games and power games going on all the time.

See the traditions like to call themselves equal here. like no one tradition is better than the other… But its an equality rooted in a game of thrones. everyone is vying to gain some foothold or secret over the others. and best part… we are the pawns in that little game. take that and move two squares forward to bishops 3.

Whats my tradition? I don’t have one. I am what they call an Orphan. I sort of float from place to place and from friend to friend; you know people in the various Traditions. That way I have been able to learn a bit of talent from each sphere… a bit here and a bit there. Not tied to focusing on anyone sphere.

Of course you know what the spheres are right? the various types of magic… like forces, and matter… those are two of my favorites. I sometimes use entropy but its not my most favorite.

So anyways… they told me that you each already had been, hate to use the word diagnosed, sounds clinical like rubber gloves and shit… but the old farts looked your auras over and assigned you each an appropriate mentor. that means you get put in a Tradition too. This aint exactly hogwarts or nothing… no sorting hat to place you in a house. but there are still ways that the oracles can tell where a persons avater… that’s the magical aspect of your soul… belongs.

Some of you will be joining Doc Neutron and them weird science guys in the back lot. They say what they do aint exactly magic… but theres no way its true science either. I aint never seen no talking monkey in the phillidalphia zoo. One of you i hear will be getting stuck in with Alphonse Gardner and the Euthanatos in their mission to restore balance to the tapestry or whatever excuse they have for the morbid shit they do. Good luck there those guys are nuts.

And then you I hear theres an odd duck like me. They don’t really have a place for you and so they want to let you find your own way. That either means that they want to see what path you choose on your own or they are gonna leave you alone and let you be an orphan like me. But as they don’t like us being orphans… too much free will and all that… I imagine it’s the first option.

Anyways… welcome to the Horizon… feel free to look around and meet people I gotta run. The grand merlinian wants me to deliver this package of papers to the dream speaker shamans down in the courtyard. I’ll see you around.

Gabe Belmont AKA 8

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